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Discussione: [Elenco Trofei] Aaru's Awakening

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    Elenco Trofei [Elenco Trofei] Aaru's Awakening

    Informazioni generali

    Aaru's Awakening è un action game per PS3 e PS4 sviluppato da Lumenox.

    Recensione titolo a cura di autore

    Attenzione la seguente guida potrebbe contenere spoiler riguardanti la trama del gioco!

    Guida ai trofei: ??
    Espansioni: ??

    Reperibilità: 08/04/2015 a circa 12,99
    Lingue supportate: audio - testo

    PS Plus richiesto per giocare online:
    Multiplayer: No

    La storia va giocata almeno: ?? volte
    Tempo necessario: ?? ore circa

    Lista trofei: separata PS3/PS4
    Trofei totali: 15

    Trofei bronzo: 13
    Trofei argento: 1
    Trofei oro: 1
    Trofeo platino: No

    Trofei online: ??

    Trofei nascosti: 0

    Trofei legati alla storia: ??
    Trofei legati ai collezionabili: ??
    Trofei buggati: ??
    Trofei mancabili: ??



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    Autore elenco: DarkNaples
    Autore grafica: PlayStationBit
    Autore video: ??
    Autore revisione: ??

    Day Bronze [ ]
    The champion who sneaks is often more ambitious than the one who leaps.

    Day Silver [ ]
    All of day’s caves propose great risks, but not for you, for you know them like your fingernails.

    Day Gold [ ]
    Some are afraid of roundhouse kicks, although everyone is afraid of you, for you have mastered the jab.

    Dusk Bronze [ ]
    Your body was stuck and slowed down. Your mind however was always already in the night domain.

    Dusk Silver [ ]
    Slapped by giant tongues, thrown off by goowalking snails, who cares. You have the silver dusk trophy!

    Dusk Gold [ ]
    You could eat goo for breakfast. Dusk’s tentacles seem to cover you and throw you into the right direction. Are you a Dusk local?

    Night Bronze [ ]
    Some living people are still afraid of the dark, but like you, they survived last night!

    Night Silver [ ]
    “BLEEEERQHH!” and “oooHHooo!” no longer shed you, maybe it’s just kind of cute?

    Night Gold [ ]
    Aaru’s Awakening. You are now also awake, seeing that what may have seemed good your whole life, may actually be a force of suffering.

    Dawn Bronze [ ]
    In Dawn, bronze is more than most can achieve, congratulations!

    Dawn Silver [ ]
    In ancient Rome, the people would call you Caesar!

    Dawn Gold [ ]
    They say only demigods can hold the Dawn gold trophy.

    World Bronze [ ]
    You traveled through the four domains, defeated your own master and spawned a new world!

    World Silver [ ]
    Like the silver fox, you accept any challenge presented to you.

    Champion of Dawn [ ]
    Watch out, the gold diggers are coming for you, for you have all the gold in the world!

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