Informazioni Generali

Bears Can't Drift!? è un gioco di corse per PS4 sviluppato da Strangely Named Studio.

Attenzione la seguente guida potrebbe contenere spoiler riguardanti la trama del gioco!

Guida ai Trofei: ??
Espansioni: ??

Reperibilità: Disponibile dal 30/08/2016 a circa 9,99
Lingue supportate: Audio - Testo - Manuale

PSPlus richiesto per giocare online:
Multiplayer: 1-4 Giocatori

Difficoltà Platino:
La storia và giocata almeno: ?? volte
Tempo necessario per il Platino: ?? ore circa

Lista Trofei: Solo PS4
Trofei Totali: 21

Trofei Bronzo: 8
Trofei Argento: 4
Trofei Oro: 8
Trofeo Platino:

Trofei Online: ??

Trofei Nascosti: 7
Poop Place
Catch the pigeon!
I see you!
Combo Crazy!
Special Thanks
Everyone's a WINNER... Not you though
Trofei legati alla Storia: ??
Trofei legati ai Collezionabili: ??
Trofei Buggati: ??
Trofei Mancabili: ??

Autore Elenco: DarkNaples
Autore Grafica: PlayStationBit
Autore Video: ??
Autore Revisione: ??

Easy Peasy [ ]
Activate easy difficulty mode.

Poop Place [ ]
You gave it your best, but it wasn't good enough.

OUCH [ ]
Hit yourself with a mortor strike.

Catch the pigeon! [ ]
Unlock the pigeon hat and wear it proudly

MINE! [ ]
Steal the flags from a friend.

First Star [ ]
Come First place in any race or picnic battle.

Faster than the average bear! [ ]
Get a top time on any track.

I see you! [ ]
Destroy a camera!

Average Bear [ ]
Activate medium difficulty mode.

How Fetching! [ ]
Find a hat during a race or picnic battle and come 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

Faster than a speeding... bear? [ ]
Rank first in half of the time trial challenges

Combo Crazy! [ ]
Use every weapon combo in a single match

UnBEARable [ ]
Activate Hard difficulty mode.

Many Skills [ ]
Collect every hat.

Special Thanks [ ]
Complete the special thanks mini game.

Everyone's a WINNER... Not you though [ ]
In four player splitscreen, finish a race in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th respectively.

Master of the Forest [ ]
Gold Star every track in the Forest world.

Master of the Tundra [ ]
Gold Star every track in the Arctic world.

Master of the Ruins [ ]
Gold Star every track in the Ruin world.

A blur of fur! [ ]
Rank first on every time trial event.

Alpha Bear [ ]
Collect every trophy