Informazioni Generali

Blue-Collar Astronaut è un arcade game per PS3, PS4 e PS Vita sviluppato da Mutated Software.

Attenzione la seguente guida potrebbe contenere spoiler riguardanti la trama del gioco!

Guida ai Trofei: ??
Espansioni: ??

Reperibilità: Disponibile dal 14/03/2017 a circa ??,??
Lingue supportate: Audio - Testo - Manuale

PSPlus richiesto per giocare online:
Multiplayer: No

Difficoltà Platino:
La storia và giocata almeno: ?? volte
Tempo necessario per il Platino: ?? ore circa

Lista Trofei: Unica PS3/PS4/PS Vita
Trofei Totali: 43

Trofei Bronzo: 26
Trofei Argento: 13
Trofei Oro: 3
Trofeo Platino:

Trofei Online: ??

Trofei Nascosti: 0

Trofei legati alla Storia: ??
Trofei legati ai Collezionabili: ??
Trofei Buggati: ??
Trofei Mancabili: ??

Autore Elenco: DarkNaples
Autore Grafica: PlayStationBit
Autore Video: ??
Autore Revisione: ??

Trail Blazer [ ]
Who put these cones here?

Call the gecko-caveman-money-sandwich thing [ ]
We make mascots and dabble in insurance.

Got further than Don [ ]
Next stop, riches!

Shiny! [ ]
All that glitters is not Au.

Pizza Perfect [ ]
The pizza is safe… for now.

10-4 Good Buddy [ ]
You've trucked all there is to truck.

I pity the schoo! [ ]
Teacher's pet.

Pizza robot got nothin' on me [ ]
In the distant future, pizza delivery is a matter of life and death... and pizza.

Outta my grill [ ]
Took the worst the universe could throw at you.

With honors [ ]
The classiest of the top of the class.

Pizza without fail [ ]
No challenge is too great when it comes to getting great pizza to the masses.

The way of the space road [ ]
Clearly truckin' runs at the core of you.

Keep those expenses low [ ]
Some things you can't learn in school. Although fuel conservation appears to not be one of those things.

Get it there cheap [ ]
Pizza is a game of profit margin and you've mastered it.

Semi… expensive [ ]
Get it? One of my favorite puns so far.

Kid genius [ ]
Finished school in under 10 minutes!

No money back [ ]
Pizza on time. Every. Time.

Sleep is overrated [ ]
Payed for three day shipping. Got it in two. #winning

You're a hero! [ ]
Defender of the masses. Or at least people who won't leave without their pizza.

There can only be one [ ]
Spacelander. Coming to theaters near you.

Oh no! [ ]
If a planet is destroyed a galaxy over, and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

Asteroid defense could use more funding [ ]
It's a big sky and there is a surprising amount in it.

Thanks for playing! [ ]
...and thanks for checking out the credits!

These things happen [ ]
Somebody should really clean that graffiti up.

Hey! I'm napping here! [ ]
Let sleeping truckers lie.

One year in [ ]
It's been a blast... or two. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Student loan unlocked! [ ]
What would self-betterment be without a little hurdle?

Master of student loans [ ]
Not one, but two for the price of two!

Dr. Loans DSD. [ ]
Doctorate prestige will vary.

Payin' down the plastic [ ]
Look at you. So responsible.

Studious [ ]
Paid your student loans down $2000. Because you're awesome.

Not a scratch! [ ]
The resale value has held up amazingly!

Stared into the void. Laughed.

Keep it topped off [ ]
You're so green, you could be any alien from an old sci-fi film.

Master of time [ ]
Time is relatively precious.

Living on a prayer [ ]
WooooooOOOOh we're half way there.

Insert kitty poster [ ]
Hang in there.

Buy more sticky notes [ ]
A fantastic use of the last sticky note. That's just good planning.

Master of the normal [ ]
Aint nobody done normals like me.

Loan down! [ ]
The future is bright…er!

This is the maximum percent for any game that cares about math. Thanks for playing!

Thy core is of a hard persuasion [ ]
The hardcore do understand.

Done did everything [ ]
You even did that one thing? Such dedication!