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15/05/2016, 13:40


:info: Informazioni Generali

Esattamente a un anno dall’uscita dell’ultimo spin-off legato alla serie di Hyperdimension Neptunia, abbiamo avuto il piacere di provare MegaTagmension Blanc + Neptune VS Zombies, pubblicato esclusivamente su PlayStation Vita. Ancora una volta, Compile Heart ha provato ad allontanarsi dal genere RPG in favore di un gameplay più votato all’azione: il titolo ci è piaciuto, ma alcuni difetti ci hanno impedito di apprezzare al meglio quanto MegaTagmension ha da offrire. Per saperne di più, continuate a leggere la nostra recensione.

Continua su PlayStationBit... (http://www.playstationbit.com/psvita/megatagmension-blanc-neptune-vs-zombies-recensione)

:incipit: Recensione MegaTagmension Blanc + Neptune VS Zombies (http://www.playstationbit.com/psvita/megatagmension-blanc-neptune-vs-zombies-recensione) a cura di Francesco6 (http://www.playstationbit.com/forum/member.php?u=13193)




:alert: Attenzione la seguente guida potrebbe contenere spoiler riguardanti la trama del gioco!

:guida: Guida ai Trofei: ??
:espansioni: Espansioni: ??

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:psplus: PSPlus richiesto per giocare online: Sì/No
:multiplayer: Multiplayer: ?? Giocatori/No

:generica: Difficoltà Platino: ??/10 (volendo potreste inserire le icone difficoltà colorate PSBit)
:vagiocata: La storia và giocata almeno: ?? volte
:tempo: Tempo necessario per il Platino: ?? ore circa

:lista: Lista Trofei: Solo PSVita
:trofei: Trofei Totali: Numero trofei (compreso il Platino se presente)

:bronzo: Trofei Bronzo: ??
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:platino: Trofeo Platino: Sì/No

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:bug: Trofei Buggati: ?? (se presenti specificare quali)
:miss: Trofei Mancabili: ?? (se presenti specificare quali)

:prefazione: Prefazione

Qui ci addentriamo maggiormente nello specifico, portando alla luce tutti i consigli necessari per ottenere il Platino o il 100% in modo indolore. Sezione utile a spiegare come raggiungere determinati trofei segreti, mancabili o in parte buggati, anche grazie all'ausilio di glitch.

:step: Passi consigliati per il Platino

E' forse la parte più importante di una guida, dove andremo a tracciare il percorso da seguire per ottenere il tutto nel più breve tempo possibile, senza tanti ripassaggi. Se alcuni trofei potranno esser presi durante la stessa run, magari giocando al livello di difficoltà più elevato, questo è il momento giusto per dirlo.

:autore: Autore Guida: ??
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:revisione: Revisione: ??



Blanc Booting Up
Started a game by selecting Story Mode. "Let's start the school year strong!"

Friendly CPUs
Started Multiplay mode. "You're not alone. We'll fight together!"

Purify the School!
Cleared Scene 2. "Zombies are at the academy… what's going to happen now?"

Frantic Newspaper Club
Cleared Scene 3. "Thanks to the increase in members, we became an official club."

Magical Noirina
Cleared Scene 4. "Magical Noirina... LOL."

Blanc's Youth
Cleared Scene 5. "Now that the student council is with us, we can't shoot anywhere!"

Strike the Set!
Cleared Scene 6. "Who would've thought Nepgear and Uni were like that? Ah, young love."

We're Making a Sequel?!
Cleared Scene 7. "We were able to shoot the movie. All we do now is wait for the results..."

Fiery Transfer Student
Cleared Scene 8. "HachimaJin… so that's the reason for all the zombification…"

Ditzy Thug
Cleared Scene 9. "We can take down any zombies now that we have Plutia."

Double Mains!
Cleared Scene 10. "Her size isn't normal. She must have hacked her HDD mode somehow."

Mystery of HachimaJin
Cleared Scene 11. "Let's finish this, everyone!"

That's a Wrap!
Cleared Scene 12. "I didn't know what to expect at first, but making movies with my friends was so fun!"

I'm Going for It!
Transformed for the first time. "I'm gonna kick your ass!"

Super Axe Blow
Used EXE Drive for the first time. "Damn you! EAT THIS!"

Perfect Casting!
Viewed an alternate cut for the first time. "Good eye! Good luck finding the other alternates!"

VIP Access!
Viewed Backstage Talk for the first time. "It's rare for someone to see us talking to each other so candidly."

You fused something at the shop for the first time. "Update your weapons and make them stronger. This should help you a lot."

Combo Champion
Achieved 1,000 hit Combo. "You could pass 999...? How much more can you do..."

Cleared Scene 1. "We're loading in. It's gonna get busy. Let's do this."


Dark History Hunter
You've defeated all big bosses. "All Dark Histories have been defeated. It's the beginning of a new era."

Moar Monies
Your money has reached 100,000 credits. "I'm going to use this money to buy more books… f-for the club."

Places, People!
All characters became your friends in story mode. "There are a lot of members now. I'm so happy..."

Collected 20 types of accessories. "You can wear 'em however you want but, uh… don't embarrass me..."

Weapon Collector
Collected 50 types of weapons. "Wow, I wonder how many weapons there are..."

Don't Piss Off HachimaJin!
Gathered all Dark History parts. "What a waste to seal these. Let's use what we can."

Lily Lover
Maxed 1 pair of Lily Rank. "We laugh, fight, and grow. This is what student life is all about."

Super Strike Student!
Cleared cut or quest with SSS rank. "Impressive. Keep it up."

Movie Marathon
Cleared a total of 100 cuts or quests. "We've hit 100. I hope you enjoy more."

Iron Comboist
Reached a 5,000 hit combo. "Whoa, maybe you can tone it down a little bit."


Maxed Out!
A character reached level 99. "You maxed out, huh? Just know strength isn't defined only by numbers."

Defeated every enemy once. "There were a ton of baddies… But beating them was a piece of cake."

Event Maestro
All events have been viewed. "I watched everything!"

Rare Mania
Found all treasure. "If we sell this, we could use the money for… just kidding."

Renowned Director Blanc
Cleared story mode. "We've defeated HachimaJin and we've finished filming. I'm already getting nostalgic."


Tagmension Master
You crushed MegaTagmension Blanc + Neptune VS Zombies! "You've played a ton. Thank you so much."


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Online la recensione di questa attesa esclusiva PSVITA, recensione redatta da Francesco6;

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Ho letto su Fb di questo gioco, visto che ho saputo che c'è anche per PC, percaso e uscito pure per Ps3?