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21/07/2020, 17:45


:info: General information

An old man escapes from the clinic where he spent his whole life and returns home. He remembers his childhood. His toys. His monsters. Breeder Homegrown is a short horror game about a family dealing with a strange creature over several generations. You will encounter some puzzles but the game relies mostly on atmosphere, music and dialogues. Perfect for people who enjoyed games like «To the Moon» or «Undertale» and want to spend an hour having a similar experience.

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:incipit: Breeder Homegrown - Director's Cut Review by autore




:alert: Warning: the following guide may contain important spoilers about the game!

:guida: Trophy guide: Breeder Homegrown - Director's Cut
:espansioni: DLC: no

:psstore: Availability: available since 06/03/2020 for about :prezzo: 4,99
:lingue: Language: text :ing:

:psplus: Is PS Plus needed to play online: no
:multiplayer: Multiplayer: no

:generica: Difficulty: :facile:
:vagiocata: Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
:tempo: Completion time: 20 minutes

:lista: Trophy list: PS4/PSVita
:trofei: Total trophies (including the Platinum): 12

:bronzo: Bronze trophies: 0
:argento: Silver trophies: 0
:oro: Gold trophies: 11
:platino: Platinum trophy: yes

:online: Online trophies: no

:nascosto: Hidden trophies: no

:storia: Story-related trophies: 4

:oro: Snail Grail
:oro: Confusion
:oro: Resurrection
:oro: Let the story begin...

:collezionabile: Collectibles-related trophies: no

:bug: Bugged trophies: no

:miss: Missable trophies: 7

:oro: Caught
:oro: Coffee
:oro: Fight the Empire
:oro: Monster Slayer
:oro: Psycho Pops
:oro: The Labyrinth
:oro: The Duck

:prefazione: Introduction

Breeder Homegrown is a very short game with an easy Platinum. You can unlock every trophy in about 20 minutes. Some trophies are missable, but you can always make a second run. Anyway, try to interact with everything around you and you should have no problems. Or you can follow our guide and the video walkthrough provided here below:



:step: Roadmap

Step 1 - When Pops washed the dishes
Start the first memory by interacting with the door in the kitchen and follow the trophy guide to get all the trophies in this section.

Step 2 - When I slept at my buddy's place
Start the second memory by interacting with the little ship in Dad's room and follow the trophy guide to get all the trophies in this section.

Step 3 - When I was grounded for a week
Start the third memory by interacting with the robot in David's room and follow the trophy guide to get all the trophies in this section.

Step 4 - Big Snail
Play through the final sequence by interacting with the blood on the floor in the bathroom and finish the game.

:autore: Trophy guide by: beachild
:grafica: Graphics by: beachild



https://i.imgur.com/bEi6qBB.jpg Caught [:oro: :miss: :facile:]
Naughty boy!

During the memory "When Pops washed the dishes", after seeing Pops and Jacqueline arguing in the kitchen, stand still so that your stepmother sees you. You'll unlock the trophy and restart from the checkpoint (now you can go to your room and hide to go on with the story).

https://i.imgur.com/dKIYw6e.jpg Coffee [:oro: :miss: :facile:]
This is just a coffee.

During the memory "When I slept at my buddy's place", after speaking with your father, he'll ask for a drink. Head to the kitchen, interact with the bottles on the left of Jacqueline and choose "Coffee" to unlock the trophy.

https://i.imgur.com/Be2h6Na.jpg Fight the Empire [:oro: :miss: :facile:]
You will be the end of us.

During the memory "When Pops washed the dishes" simply interact with the toy robot next to the bed.

https://i.imgur.com/sNN8xWN.jpg Snail Grail [:oro: :storia: :facile:]
The Breeder has many forms.

Soon after the first memory, when you control the old David and you explore a deformed version of your house, head to your bedroom and interact with the hole in the floor (four people are watching down that hole).

https://i.imgur.com/fUoVhNP.jpg Monster Slayer [:oro: :miss: :facile:]
You defeated Xenon

During the memory "When I was grounded for a week", after going back to your room interact with the console and complete the easy arcade game to unlock the trophy.

https://i.imgur.com/gICQKnI.jpg Psycho Pops [:oro: :miss: :facile:]
No wonder you're crazy.

During the memory "When I slept at my buddy's place", when Jacqueline goes to your father's bedroom exit from the door in the kitchen. In the garden, interact with the little vegetable garden on the right oto unlock the trophy.

https://i.imgur.com/V8CBobJ.jpg Confusion [:oro: :storia: :facile:]
Confusion will be your epitaph

During the memory "When I slept at my buddy's place", after going down the hole in the wooden house you'll find yourself in a new area and you'll meet your mother. She'll ask you to find some rocks. Head to the top-right corner of the area and interact with a plant with some sort of a red face on it. Be careful and answer with the first, the second and the first option when it asks you questions. Take the rock after every answer.

https://i.imgur.com/LF1BNbS.jpg The Labyrinth [:oro: :miss: :facile:]
Many went down

During the memory "When I was grounded for a week", after exiting the wooden house walk down on the left side of the screen. You'll see a book on a table: interact and you'll unlock the trophy.

https://i.imgur.com/2aiOBWU.jpg The Duck [:oro: :miss: :facile:]
Where is the duck ?

During the memory "When I was grounded for a week", just below the book described in :oro: The Labyrynth you'll find a toy duck. Interact and you'll unlock the trophy.

https://i.imgur.com/ztj5Tfu.jpg Resurrection [:oro: :storia: :facile:]
Time is irrelevant.

This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed. Just finish the game.

https://i.imgur.com/HKOmB63.jpg Let the story begin... [:oro: :storia: :facile:]
Start the game



https://i.imgur.com/AVnSvA0.jpg Breeder Homegrown: Director's Cut Platinum [:platino: :facile:]
Good job! Completed all tasks!