Informazioni Generali

Echoes of the Fey: The Fox's Trail è un adventure game per PS4 sviluppato da Woodsy Studio.

Attenzione la seguente guida potrebbe contenere spoiler riguardanti la trama del gioco!

Guida ai Trofei: ??
Espansioni: ??

Reperibilità: Disponibile dal 11/07/2017 a circa 7,99
Lingue supportate: Audio - Testo - Manuale

PSPlus richiesto per giocare online:
Multiplayer: No

Difficoltà Platino:
La storia và giocata almeno: ?? volte
Tempo necessario per il Platino: ?? ore circa

Lista Trofei: Solo PS4
Trofei Totali: 15

Trofei Bronzo: 13
Trofei Argento: 1
Trofei Oro: 1
Trofeo Platino: No

Trofei Online: ??

Trofei Nascosti: 3
Getting Involved With The Case
Dark Secret
Never Mind
Trofei legati alla Storia: ??
Trofei legati ai Collezionabili: ??
Trofei Buggati: ??
Trofei Mancabili: ??

Autore Elenco: DarkNaples
Autore Grafica: PlayStationBit
Autore Video: ??
Autore Revisione: ??

Just Getting Started [ ]
Complete day one of Sofya's investigation.

Left With A Tough Decision [ ]
Complete day two of Sofya's investigation.

Getting Involved With The Case [ ]
See all of Eduard Galkin's optional side scenes.

Visions From the Stars [ ]
See all of Arkady Vanzin's optional side scenes.

As Your Doctor... [ ]
See all of Heremon ir-Caldy's optional side scenes.

Dreams of the Stage [ ]
See all of Luka Teteriv's optional side scenes.

Dark Secret [ ]
Uncover the truth about Simion ir-Sheaf's involvement in your case.

Stylish [ ]
Change Sofya's hair or clothing color.

Never Mind [ ]
Decline Tiatha ir-Adech's case.

Truth Above All Else [ ]
Tell Tiatha ir-Adech the truth about her son, no matter the consequences.

Divided Loyalties [ ]
Protect a friend by lying to your client about the fate of her son.

Hell of a Motivation [ ]
See all optional side scenes with Viola Aristov and share a kiss before a dangerous confrontation.

Making an Appointment [ ]
Use your power to forge your name in the appointment book of the Low Mage.

True Detective [ ]
Discover the truth about Folren ir-Adech's fate on your own by formulating a new theory.

Case Closed [ ]
Complete Sofya's investigation and resolve the case of the missing Leshin.