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Benvenuti nell'elenco/nella guida ai trofei di Disaster Report 4.
Inserire una breve panoramica sull'elenco trofei.

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Attenzione la seguente guida ai trofei potrebbe contenere spoiler riguardanti la trama del gioco!

Guida al Platino/100%: ??
Lingue supportate: audio - testo

PS Plus richiesto per giocare online: sì/no
Multiplayer: no/?? giocatori

Difficoltà: ??
La storia va giocata almeno: ?? volte
Tempo necessario: ?? ore circa

Trofei online: ?? (consultare la guida per i dettagli)
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Passi consigliati

E' forse la parte più importante di una guida, dove andremo a tracciare il percorso da seguire per ottenere il tutto nel più breve tempo possibile, senza tanti passaggi. Se alcuni trofei potranno esser presi durante la stessa run, magari giocando al livello di difficoltà più elevato, questo è il momento giusto per dirlo.

Autore guida: ??
Autore video: ??
Autore revisione: ??

Memories of Summer
Acquired all trophies.

First Day: Despair
Survived the first day after the earthquake.

Second Day: Sorrow
Survived the second day after the earthquake.

Third Day: Reunion
Survived the third day after the earthquake.

Fourth Day: Escape
Survived the fourth day after the earthquake.

Fifth Day: Recovery
Survived the fifth day after the earthquake.

Sixth Day...
Made it to the sixth day after the earthquake.

Decision Time! Escape to the Airport!
Traveled to the airport.

Decision Time! Escape to the City Hall!
Traveled to the city hall.

Holding Steady
Stood your ground three times before falling over.

Life-Changing Words
Exceeded 1,000 Moral and Immoral Points total.

City Trekker
Exceeded 10,000 steps walking around the city.

Costume Collector
Acquired 15 or more costumes.

Compass Collector
Acquired 22 or more compasses.

Asset Collector
Exceed 100 million yen in total money and asset value of items.

The Hunger, the Hunger!
Consumed a food item and eliminated hunger.

Absolutely Parched
Drank a beverage item and quenched thirst.

An Item Assembled!
Acquired an item via assembly.

Taking Care of Business ♪
Relieved yourself.

First Companion
Found a companion.

Bag of Holding
Acquired your first backpack.

Curse of the Fifth Floor
Experienced the city legend of the fifth floor curse.

Kiss of Gratitude
Received a kiss from Akemi, the fashion designer.

Emotional Awareness
Understood the students' feelings toward their teacher, Ms. Higa.

Love from the Jewelry Lady
Received a jewel from the woman searching for them.

Scoop on a Rival
Obtained information on Vestola's rival, Kerberos.

Passionate Revival
Understood the passion behind reviving the Italian restaurant.

Starving Cat-astrophe
Gave canned food to the stray cat.

Wide-Eyed Youth
Verified that you met 90 individuals via the People menu.

City Scoundrel
Strengthened ties with the villainous Kumazawa.

Lovers' Reunion
Reunited Kanae with her fiancé, Tomoya Kazama.

Title of Authority
Exercised your right to change this game's title.

Underwater Odyssey
Dove into the water for the first time.

The Musician's Request
Listened to the request from street musician Miki Kinoshita.

Effective Solicitor
Contributed to the White Coats by inviting a lot of people.

The Miraculous Miracle Water
Restored people's health with the power of the miracle water.

Where's Ku-chan?
Searched for the little girl's teddy bear.

Confirmed the beginning of city reconstruction.

A Simple Bath
Bathed in the simple bath installed in the city.

Romance? Or Friendship?
Spent time with the Vestola president.

Investigative Journalism
Cooperated with a writer investigating Vestola.

A Villain's Comeuppance
Punished your opponent with a single victory.

A Letter from Yayoi
Received a letter from Yayoi at the end of your journey.