Bashowap, a Cardano based project, has announced the launch of its innovative development on the Cardano platform. Its goal is to enable swift transactions within the Cardano network. In addition, the decentralized exchange platform will help connect early community members and Cardano developers to shared liquidity and other features.

Bashowap has also begun the private sale of its utility token - $BASH. The $BASH token will be used in different ways, including governance, Farming BASH token, and staking. Furthermore, investors can trade the Cardano token, add liquidity to generate LP fees, and acts as a launchpad for startups. Interestingly, the platform offers early adopters the opportunity to join its private sale whitelist before the project goes public.

$BASH token holders Benefits

Token holders can vote and see proposals on the platform. The platform is structured so that token holder can vote on critical issues regarding the project. Furthermore, $BASH token holders can decide to stake their tokens on the Bashowap platform to acquire more tokens. Besides this, there are also the benefits of farming the $BASH token to earn rewards.

Join the Private Sale

The $BASH token private sale is ongoing, and the platform intends to issue a hundred thousand BASH tokens, which is equivalent to 20% of its total supply. Currently, more than 1300 participants have registered for its private sale whitelist.

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