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A Fisherman's Tale è un puzzle game per PS4 che sfrutta il PlayStation VR sviluppato da Innerspace VR.

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Guida ai trofei: ??
Espansioni: ??

Reperibilità: 22/01/2019 a circa 14,99
Lingue supportate: audio - testo

PS Plus richiesto per giocare online:
Multiplayer: No

La storia va giocata almeno: ?? volte
Tempo necessario: ?? ore circa

Lista trofei: solo PS4
Trofei totali: 30

Trofei bronzo: 12
Trofei argento: 12
Trofei oro: 5
Trofeo platino:

Trofei online: ??

Trofei nascosti: 0

Trofei legati alla storia: ??
Trofei legati ai collezionabili: ??
Trofei buggati: ??
Trofei mancabili: ??



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Autore elenco: DarkNaples
Autore grafica: PlayStationBit
Autore video: ??
Autore revisione: ??

Prologue [ ]
Once upon a time...

The Fearful One [ ]
Unlock Chapter 1.

Over there... a pearl! [ ]
Find your first magical pearl, hidden somewhere in the little puppet's world.

Almost free [ ]
The little puppet sets sail.

Obsessive cleaner [ ]
The very first model... now spotless!

Adamantium crustacean [ ]
This shell truly is unbreakable!

A steady routine [ ]
Cheer up the tiny Fisherman... even at the depths of the ocean.

Superior protection for a healthy mouth ! [ ]
Get these shark teeth all shiny and clean!

Woops... [ ]
Throw away the last match in the whole universe.

Farewell, tiny puppet [ ]
One last pat on the tiny puppet's shoulder.

Hand in hand [ ]
Give an object to yourself.

Dare the impossible [ ]
Try to grab the tiny puppet in the model.

The Famished One [ ]
Unlock Chapter 2.

The Dutiful One [ ]
Unlock Chapter 3.

The Lighthouse [ ]
Unlock Chapter 4.

Pearls of a new beginning [ ]
Find all the pearls hidden in the Prologue.

Pearls from home [ ]
Find all the pearls hidden in Chapter 1.

Pearls from the depths [ ]
Find all the pearls hidden in Chapter 2.

Pearls from the Father [ ]
Find all the pearls hidden in Chapter 3.

Pearls from the heights [ ]
Find all the pearls hidden in Chapter 4.

Don't make me say no again! [ ]
The noble crustacean loses patience.

Bad food habits [ ]
Frustrate the big tuna.

Size does matter [ ]
Grab one of the very large objects during Chapter 3.

Flame-bearer [ ]
A very big matchbox for a very tiny fisherman.

Free... at last! [ ]
... and so our story ends.

Great pearl hunter [ ]
Find all the magical pearls hidden in the little puppet's world.

The tornado [ ]
A tornado has turned the place upside down, carrying away 25 objects in the whirlwind!

Economy of means [ ]
Finish the game by grabbing less than 150 objects.

Homerun! [ ]
Throw an object beyond the limits of your world.

Explorer at the edge of the world [ ]
Unlock all of the Fisherman's trophies.